Find peace at Hemmingodden

Come and relax at Ballstad

With us here at Ballstad you get to live right by the waterfront with a scenic view over the majestic Lofoten mountains rising from the sea. You will hear the seagulls and the sound of the waves as they hit the shore.


You will see fully loaded fishing boats on their way to deliver their catch. You will really get to experience how it is to live in a living fishing village!


Modern "rorbuer"


2 bedrooms (sleeps 6) and 1 bathroom.


1 bedroom + sleeper sofa in the living room (sleeps 5) and bathroom.


2 bedrooms (sleeps 5) and 1 bathroom.

Annebua 3


3 bedrooms (7 sleeps) and 1 bathroom.

lottebua 5


2 bedrooms (6 sleeps) and open loft.

Traditional rorbuer



5 bedrooms (sleeps 10) and 2 bathrooms.



2 bedrooms (sleeps 5) and 1 bathroom.


Sleeps 2-4 (including sleeper sofa in the living room), open loft, and 1 bathroom.


2 bedrooms (sleeps 4) and 1 bathroom.


Sleeps 2-4 (including sleeper sofa in the living room), open loft, and 1 bathroom.

We have stayed at Hemmingodden for 8 days. We have been warmly welcomed by those who run the place, and they have given us a wonderful service. The weather has been great and the fishing was amazing! The place gets an A+.
Kato André Bøe​
The nature, the people, and the fishing can only be described with 1 word: MAGICAL!
May Liza Johansen

The hosts

The hosts

Hemmingodden is a place filled with warmth, life, and good experiences – a place that harmonizes active experiences with peace, safety, and satisfaction. Hemmingodden gives you memories for life and a strong desire to return.

The people, the smiles, and the friendly hosts are necessities to support our vision. Without the good hosts, the good experiences disappears. 

We want to be friendly and helpful, thus supplementing our facilities and surroundings. We are knowledgeable, humorous, and service oriented.

The glimpse of the eye spreads joy and harmony between guests and locals at Hemmingodden.

Find a “rorbu” that fits you

At Hemmingodden we have different styles of “rorbuer” that suits all tastes. We have authentic “rorbuer” that are modernized with comfortable beds and upgraded kitchen. We also have new luxury “rorbuer” with elements from the old fishing village culture.