Ballstad has been a popular fishing community for about a thousand years, and still is.

Ballstad is on the south tip of Vestvågøy, furthest out towards Vestfjorden, sheltered of the ocean by several big and small islands.

Ballstad has a large fishing fleet, several fish receiving spots, engineering workshops and a boat ramp.

On Ballstad you can also find has also a cod-liver oil factory, fish filleting factory, ship supply, grocery store, café, restaurant and a gallery.

In addition, there are many fishing lodges for renting throughout the summer, and activities like Ballstaddagan in the beginning of July every year.

Ballstad harbor is spacious, and divided in three different places: Hattvika, the main harbor, and Kræmmarvika.

The nature and the coastal environment in Ballstad is unique in its kind and is an excellent place for fishing, recreation, relaxation and adventure.

Ballstad is also perfect for hiking and fishing in freshwater. Ballstad Heia is easy to ascend with Nonstind as the highest point 459 m. From Nonstind there are wonderful views over most of the Lofoten and even over the Steigen and Landegode. Ballstads highest point Skottind (671 m), can also be reached on foot, but is a bit more challenging.