Hemmingodden – your start of Lofoten fishing

Have you always had a dream to experience Lofoten and try your fishing luck? We can give you the opportunity to experience Lofoten from Ballstad in addition to try fishing on your own or join one of our fishing boats with a captain. There are fishing areas are right outside Ballstad and we can help you experience these with the base from our upgraded cabins, and great boats. You will get the chance to be a part of “Lofotfisket” (Lofoten fishing), the most traditional and historical fishing that has been in Norway. Ballstad has hundreds of years with fishing history, and is to this day one of Lofoten’s most active fishing spot. This is a perfect place to really get to experience the real “Lofotfisket”.


We can give you the opportunity to stay in our seahouse with four different  fisherman’s cabins (Kokkbua, Olufbua, Linbua and Garnbua), in addition to two separate units in Annebua and Harald house.

The seahouse was under “Lofoten fishery” used as a residential for people living onboard the fishing boats like Grunnbøen and Kvalvikbøen, while Annebua is on top of where the fish was unloaded from the fishing boat.

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Fishing in Lofoten

Hemmingodden is a great spot for fishing. A short distance to good fishing spots where it is possible to catch cod, halibut, coalfish (seithe), catfish and monkfish.

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Boat rental

We have good and solid boats to give you the best possible experience. There are 4 aluminum boats and 3 plastic boats that are out for renting. In addition you can request going on “Hemmingodden Jr” or “Marie” for a fishing trip with a captain.

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About Hemmingodden

Harald (the founder of Hemmingodden) has been a professional fisher through his entire life, and has a unique knowledge about fishing in Lofoten. Steve is also a professional fisher, with lots of experience. From 2016, Trond has taken over for the new Hemmingodden LFL. He has experience from bank and finance, in addition to fishing. Trine is the owner of “Lofotbua” and has managed the fishing lodge every summer for the last 10 years.

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About Ballstad

Ballstad has been a popular fishing community for about a thousand years, and still is. Ballstad is on the south tip of Vestvågøy, furthest out towards Vestfjorden, sheltered of the ocean by several big and small islands.
Ballstad has a large fishing fleet, several fish receiving spots, engineering workshops and a boat ramp. On Ballstad you can also find has also a cod-liver oil factory, fish filleting factory, ship supply, grocery store, café, restaurant and a gallery. In addition, there are many fishing lodges for renting throughout the summer, and activities like Ballstaddagan in the beginning of July every year.

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